Our Story

From a personal mission of mercy to an organization that empowers women and girls

From charity to empowerment

Kiman Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting the livelihood of women and girls in Northern Kenya through timely and strategic interventions in health, WASH, education, peace & security and communal climate resilience. Our vision is to transform vulnerable women and girls into community champions through targeted empowerment programs.

For five years, Hon. Kiman Ugas’ (the founder of the organization) interacted with diverse people unravelling data and insights that clearly defined the root causes of hardships experienced by the most vulnerable people in Northern Kenya (especially women and children). It became clear to her that to make a significant impact she had to build a system of empowerment that transitioned vulnerable individuals into community champions.

Kiman Foundation uses the Who-What-How process to define, design and deliver impactful solutions to beneficiaries in our areas of operation.


The family is the basic unit that defines any community, society and nation. Women are the foundational elements of the family and, therefore, define a nation.


Challenges facing women in North Easter Kenya all boil down to access (or lack thereof) to Health, Education/Skills, Opportunities and Resources


We can transform North Eastern Kenya into a bread basket & resource hub by empowering women in health, education/training, enterprise and resource efficiency .

Our Focus Areas

Our goal is to overcome the challenges of resource scarcity, hunger, poverty and conflict in North Eastern Kenya by empowering women (and by extension, the basic family unit) in six key areas.